My album cover art is digital. I work with a professional Wacom Cintiq tablet. This allows me to work in a very fast turnaround. Things are easy to correct and my work is very intuitive and steady.

Thanks to the digital medium and my long time experience, the general average for a cover similar to the ones that you can see on this website, from beginning to print, is somewhere between 3 and 15 days.

Despite the use of technology, my work has a retro look, which I achieve thanks to the use of a series of techniques. In the final result, it’s difficult to guess that it’s a digital work after all!

Once the work is finished, I use a professional Canon Pro9000 printer to do color tests before final delivery.

I started working in a graphic studio in 1986 and I have run the design agency ShiftFWD since 2003, where I work as an Art Director. I have an extensive experience in everything related to graphic design and printing.

If you need more information and you want to work with me, contact me at koldobarroso (at)