I’m a multimedia artist and illustrator based in Seattle, WA. I was born in Madrid in 1967. In the mid 80’s, I started working in art, design and music with projects that included album covers, stage design, exhibitions, music production and music fanzines.

I’ve been involved, as a visual artist and as a musician, in a number of music projects with Jazz, Fusion, Progressive Rock, Electronic and Experimental artists. My cover art has illustrated works of  artists from bands like King Crimson, Emerson Lake & Palmer, Thinking Plague, Fairport Convention and No-Man.

My cover album work is known for its retro look inspired by the golden eras of album cover design taken to a modern fresh stage. I’m a vinyl collector myself and find the inspiration in old Jazz, Early Electronic music, Space Age, Exotica and Pop albums. I have a fascination for re-creating the magic of those album covers with the advantages of modern technologies that allow to them to become even more vibrant and lively.

I’m a true believer in the importance of album covers and illustration in music. My main goal as an album cover artist is to take the feeling of the music to a visual level, so the audience feels pulled in just by looking at the cover, and helps them have an extended deeper experience after buying the album.

In a world where technologies are evolving so fast, we are about to experience one of the biggest changes in the history of pop culture and music industry. Albums without visuals, and interactive content are gonna be outdated soon. We are entering a new era when music is going to become a more whole experience, and I’m here to be part of this exciting time!

If you are interested in my album cover art for your music project contact me an let me know about it!
koldobarroso (at) gmail.com